Georgia Equivocal Death Investigation & Consulting Services

The death of a friend or loved one is a very stressful and emotional time for most individuals. What can add more pain to a person’s passing is when it is sudden or unclear how exactly they died. From medical malpractice to homicide, our licensed Georgia death investigators are highly trained in the latest technology and investigative methods to uncover the truth surrounding the death of an individual.

Highly Experienced in Working within Several Different Aspects of Death Investigations

If you follow us on any level, you will know that many times we say that our success is related to our investment in great personnel, technology and non-traditional strategic partnerships. Well, nothing has changed. Always moving forward, we have done just that, again. To better serve our clients, both domestically and abroad, we have acquired the services of certified, experienced, and credentialed death investigators.

At CGA Solutions, our death investigation team consists of a former criminal investigator specializing in homicide and violent crimes investigations. They are a former criminal investigator specializing in sex crimes and criminal deviant behavior and is a nationally board certified and state licensed physician.

Additionally, our senior death investigator is certified through the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators and he is a member of the Georgia Coroner’s Association, Georgia Child Fatality Review Committee.  He has investigated, supervised, or approved the investigation of well over 3,000 deaths during the span of his career.

Workplace Fatality Investigations

When a worksite accident or death occurs, OSHA is brought in to investigate to determine if the person’s death was caused by safety violations and determine the cause of the fatality. However, if you do not believe the investigation was thorough enough, we can investigate to dispute their claims. Was it an accidental death or was it negligence? Could the person’s death have been prevented? Were there other circumstances that caused the person’s death? We take an extra look into the workplace fatality case to give a second opinion.

  • Commercial Fatalities
  • Construction Fatalities
  • Industrial Fatalities
  • Manufacturing Fatalities
  • Vehicle Fatalities

Why Hire a Death Investigator for Your Case

Our qualified and professional death investigation team will provide our clients with manner and cause determinations, mechanism of injury, and identify any other area or liability and negligence. We work with law firms, insurance companies, corporations, and individuals to help them get the facts they need to take the next steps. Investigating the death scene, interviewing witnesses, meeting with public and private officials, analytical review of available documents and evidence are just some of the investigative services you can expect when you hire the death investigation team at CGA Solutions.

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