Due Diligence, Background Checks, and Records Research from Licensed Private Investigators

We offer a wide array of support to our clients by providing clear, concise, and actionable information for their needs through tested, trained, and experienced investigators with  investigative techniques. Our assets, both human and technical, allow us to excel in the area of legal due diligence, background, and records research.

We don’t simply rely on public records databases. Instead, we excel in open-source research by putting “boots on the ground” and through use of cultivated, long-time human assets. This allows to cross-reference and verify that the information we gather is accurate.

We approach every investigation from a team assignment perspective, which gives us the ability to conduct a more cost effective and expedient investigations.

Background Investigation & Research

Our licensed investigation team conducts thorough background research on businesses and individuals. Criminal background check, previous employment, police reports, and more. Whether you are an employer looking to conduct a background check on a potential employee or a law firm needing background on an individual for a case, our private investigators are prepared to help. Using the best technology, databases, and years of private investigator experience, we conduct the most accurate research for your background case.

Records Research

Public records can provide you information on an individual, such as bankruptcy, arrests, license search, and more. We are able to look through records on a federal, state, city, and county level to find the information you need about a business or individual. With over 20 years of private investigation experience, we go one step further beyond public records to obtain the data you need to ensure you receive accurate, reliable, and consistent information.

Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is a hybrid of investigation tactics used to verify the authenticity and accuracy of a seller’s or business’s claim. For both buyers and sellers, due diligence is very important to uncover any potential red flags and assess risk to verify information and ensure the value is what it is claimed to be. This makes a complex business decision an easier one. Tailored to your specific needs, we can gather insight through reliable resources and hands-on investigating  to maximize the value of your transaction.

We Serve Georgia & South Carolina Areas

Licensed in Georgia and South Carolina, we are able to help you gather the background and research you need to make the best decision for your business and individual future. Before making a big decision regarding hiring, dating, investing, or making a large business transaction, having the right team of investigators to gather records and research can make a significant difference.

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