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Risk Assessment and Safety Training for Professionals and Individuals

With over 20 years conducting private investigations and risk assessments, we know the importance of preparing for the unexpected. That is why we offer specialty training courses for businesses and individuals in Georgia and South Carolina. Whether you are a first-time gun owner or a seasoned investigator, we have the right training course for you.

Firearm training and safety courses

We offer courses to help first-time gun owners and seasoned shooters. Our training offers essential handgun and shotgun safety and shooting techniques. Our firearm training courses are reality-based, meaning you will learn the firearm shooting skills that apply in environments and situations that may occur.

We also provide  private investigators and security officers opportunities to renew their current firearm certification. Stay up to date with the latest techniques and situational factors that are important to prepare for. 

Security officer training

We are licensed and trained to provide firearm and security training so that you are prepared for any situation or environment. We provide training courses for both new and experienced security officers to be best prepared for the expected and unexpected. 

This training can be used to acquire your initial firearms certification for licensing, and annual recertification. The Security Officer training CEUs range from basic to advanced firearms, improving situational awareness, perimeter security, access controls, counter surveillance, and to the proper gear and training needed to correctly react to the situation.

  • First time qualification training
  • Requalification of firearms training
  • Active shooter response & mitigation
  • Practical aspects of facility access & security control 
  • Security negligence and liability

Tactical Medical Training

This course is a reality-based training to give security officers and even individuals how to provide first aid to those wounded. In this training, you will gain the skills to help those when it’s necessary, and having an overall better perspective of what to do in situations where medical help is most essential.

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Our courses are conducted in Augusta, GA and Monroe, GA. There is no better time than now to receive the training you need to be equipped with life-saving and career-building skillsets. For more information on our training services or to sign up, fill out our form or give our office a call today.