Wrongful Death Investigators Licensed in Georgia & South Carolina

When a relative or loved one dies unexpectedly, there are several unanswered questions that law enforcement may not provide. Or, there might be gaps in the evidence regarding the circumstances that led up to a person’s death. To get the answers you need regarding your wrongful death investigation, CGA Solutions is on your side. Licensed in Georgia and South Carolina, we are prepared to work with you and provide the answers and closure you deserve. 

Wrongful Death Investigation Services

When it comes to a wrongful death investigation, we gather all the fact-based information possible to get the full scope of the situation and the truth regarding a person’s cause and manner of death. Our skill-sets have been proven effective in over 1,500 death investigations, providing clients with reliable and effective information for their case.

We offer extensive investigative services and techniques in conducting wrongful death investigations. These services include, but are not limited to: 

Wrongful Death Claims Investigations for Insurance Companies

In addition to serving individuals and law firms in Georgia, South Carolina, and across the US, we also work with insurance companies to verify death claims. A person’s life insurance is a fairly common a motive in homicide cases, which makes it important to verify a person’s claim – especially in a high insurance policy payout situation. From uncovering red flags surrounding a claimant to having a second opinion on the evidence surrounding the policyholder’s death, our investigators work diligently and professionally to get the results you need.

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Our private investigators are equipped with the latest training and technology to bolster your wrongful death investigation. No matter the complexity, our team is here for you. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, call the investigators at CGA Solutions today. We work on death cases throughout Georgia and South Carolina, and provide wrongful death consulting throughout the U.S.