Executive & VIP Protection (Bodyguard) Services

For over 20 years, CGA Solutions has offered a multitude of intelligence, investigation and security services to a higher degree of excellence than the industry standard. Whether it’s personal protection, an armored transportation service or investigative data collection, CGA Solutions has the prestige and experience necessary to provide the results you’re looking for. In regards to personal security, CGA Solutions hires the industry’s most capable personnel and also provides training services to security guard professionals.

What Is Executive Protection?

We’ve all seen bodyguards portrayed in some form or fashion through media, but is that all there is to being a bodyguard? The answer is no. There’s more to providing executive protection than an intimidating presence. In fact, a great deal of effort is employed in information gathering and threat anticipation. 

A personalized security detail is found deterring threats using methods like; reviewing surveillance footage, running employee background checks, creating executive protection checklists as well as mail screenings. Keep in mind that this is concurrent with a physical security detail, which is nothing short of estate security, protective travel escorts and in-person client protection. 

All in all, any credible security firm will go to great lengths to ensure their client can leave a great review at the end of a contract term.

Trained and Licensed Executive and VIP Protection

Hiring a bodyguard is a stressful experience, be it the process itself or the circumstances that have led to it. Fortunately, we hire trained and licensed individuals, making us a reliable and comfortable choice. Not only is the staff trained but our firm is responsible for training personnel with other security contractors, meaning the industry standard for protection begins with CGA Solutions.

International Risk Assessment and Protection

If you have made plans to travel abroad but feel anxious about certain aspects of the culture, worry not for our security firm specializes in risk assessment at home and abroad. Whether it’s gathering information regarding certain locales or the arrangement of secure, armored transportation, CGA Solutions can also arrange and advise safe travel options to maximize your security. 

If you’re still uncertain of the firm you’d prefer to hire for your security needs, CGA solutions is more than happy to provide a free, comprehensive consultation. Whether it’s more detailed information about what our services provide or a simple inquiry about our rates, we’re thrilled to answer any questions regarding our firm and personnel. Our contact form can be found below.