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Our Licensed Atlanta, GA Private Investigators Provide Thorough Organized Retail Crime Investigation Services

Atlanta, Georgia is a bustling city with half a million inhabitants and outstanding commerce. While this exciting, metropolitan city has been named one of the “Best Places to Live” time and time again. But it has one of the highest crime rates in America. Organized retail crime is no exception. Organized retail crimes can cost Atlanta businesses millions in a single hit. 

At CGA Solutions, our team of licensed investigators offer investigation services to businesses, insurance companies, and legal entities in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas that are tailored to help you get the answers you need related to an organized theft crime case.

How Does Organized Retail Crime Affect Atlanta, GA Businesses?

Atlanta businesses have been greatly affected by the growing wave of organized retail crime operations.These operations consist of professional shoplifters who steal retail goods from stores to resell them for profit on the street or online. Sometimes the criminals even steal goods just to dispose of them, causing thousands of dollars of wasted goods.

These operations are organized and far more sophisticated than your average shoplifter. Theft rings may have detailed plans, knowledge of store layouts, and multiple shoplifters in on each operation, the amount of damage that can be done in one hit. 

Thousands of dollars worth of merchandise can disappear in a flash, but where does it all go? Without a dedicated organized crime investigator to help with your case, these answers may be more difficult to uncover. With years of experience and state-of-the-art technology, CGA Solutions can help find the source of the breech and gather the fact-based information you need for your case or claim. 

Professional Retail Theft Investigations for Georgia and south carolina businesses

From shops in Lenox Square to the car dealerships near the Hartsfield Jackson Airport, Atlanta businesses are feeling the blows of organized retail crime wearing away at their profits. The costs of damages are increasing year after year. That’s why private investigators who investigate organized retail crimes are in high demand.

Our licensed private investigators are highly experienced in conducting organized retail crime investigations in the Atlanta metropolitan and its surrounding areas. We have experience working for large corporations as well as small businesses and insurance companies.

Our dedicated team is well-versed in handling organized theft investigations and are equipped with the lately technology and training to get the answers you need. We work thoroughly and efficiently to gather all the fact-based evidence needed to build a strong case against these theft rings.

  • Theft By Coercion
  • Theft By Conversion
  • Theft By Deception
  • Theft By Taking

Auto Theft Investigations for Atlanta, GA Dealerships

In addition to retail theft investigations, we also specialize in dealership auto theft investigations. While most vehicles nowadays are equipped with GPS tracking, professional retail crime rings pose a unique challenge. 

These rings may even be employees at your dealership – this is often how these theft rings gain access. If a car is stolen from your lot, it is crucial to engage the services of a private investigator who can gather the fact-based information to best support your case or claim. 

Risk Assessment Services to Prevent and Identify Retail Crimes

With retail theft rates steadily increasing throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, it’s important to focus on preventing these attacks before they happen. That’s why we offer professional risk assessment services to pinpoint the weaknesses in your business’s security or processes that could make your business a target for organized retail crime.

We assess every aspect from the video surveillance system to conducting background investigations on contract employees and vendors. 

Contact CGA Solutions in Atlanta, GA for Your Investigation Needs

If you’ve been a victim of organized retail crime or you are looking for a risk assessment to protect your business, contact CGA Solutions in Atlanta, GA. Our highly experienced investigators and risk assessment professionals are ready to help bolster your case, claim, or retail theft prevention efforts.For more information, contact CGA Solutions today for a free, confidential consultation. Or, call 866-217-8581