Organized Crime Investigation Services from Licensed Savannah, GA Private Investigators

Organized retail crime (ORC) can result in substantial financial losses for businesses, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars per incident. Unfortunately,  incidences of ORC is on the rise, causing significant damage to businesses of all sizes.

At CGA Solutions, our licensed private investigators  conduct organized retail crime investigations in Savannah, GA to help get businesses, insurance companies, and individuals the answers they need for your case or claim. 

What Is Organized Retail Crime?

ORC involves professional shoplifters who steal retail goods with the intention of either reselling them online for profit or simply causing harm to our Savannah, GA businesses by disposing of the stolen goods.

While some organized crime rings focus on selling the items online, what sets them apart from regular shoplifters is their meticulous planning to steal merchandise well beyond the average person’s consumption. Disturbingly, these criminals can completely strip a store of its inventory worth thousands of dollars in a single spree.

Professional Retail Theft Investigations for Savannah, GA businesses

Our experienced team of investigators, with over 25 years of criminal investigation expertise, is well-equipped to handle various forms of retail theft. Regardless of the value of the stolen property, all instances of theft constitute criminal offenses. 


We are dedicated to working closely with you to gather factual evidence for your case or claim. Our Savannah, GA organized retail theft investigations cover a range of cases, including theft by coercion, theft by conversion, theft by deception, and theft by taking, among others.

Organized retail theft cases we work with include, but are not limited it: 

  • Theft By Coercion
  • Theft By Conversion
  • Theft By Deception
  • Theft By Taking

Auto Theft Investigations for GA & SC Dealerships

In addition to retail theft investigations, we also specialize in dealership auto theft investigations. While most vehicles nowadays are equipped with GPS tracking, professional retail crime rings pose a unique challenge. 

These rings may even have insiders working at your dealership, granting them a significant advantage. If a car is stolen from your lot, it is crucial to engage the services of a private investigator who can meticulously gather evidence and findings to support your case.

Risk Assessment Services to Prevent and Identify Retail Crimes

Prevention and protection is essential nowadays as organized retail crime is on the rise. It is important to keep your business safe and protected from these thefts.

From your surveillance system to background investigations, we pinpoint precisely the key weaknesses within your business that could cost your business thousands. 

Our Savannah, GA Investigation Team Is Here to Help

Whether you need to prevent your business from organized crime or a second opinion on a current case, our licensed private investigators are ready to help anywhere in Georgia and South Carolina. For more information, contact CGA Solutions today for a free, confidential consultation.