Organized Retail Crime Investigations from Licensed Private Investigators

Organized retail crimes (ORC) can cost a company thousands – and even millions – of dollars in a single hit. And unfortunately, they are increasing in numbers and are creating more damage to businesses, both small and large. 

Our licensed private investigators provide organized retail crime investigations throughout Georgia and South Carolina for small and large businesses as well as corporations.

What Is Organized Retail Crime?

Organized retail crimes are made up of professional shoplifters who steal retail goods to resell for profit online or simply dispose of the goods solely to harm a business. However, you can expect most organized crime rings sell the items online for profit. 

What makes them stand out from your average shoplifter is that these crime rings are well-planned out to steal merchandise beyond the average person’s consumption. Even worse, they can wipe a store clean of thousands of dollars worth of inventory in a single crime spree. 

Professional Retail Theft Investigations for Georgia and south carolina businesses

Theft comes in several forms and can vary from a misdemeanor offense. No matter the value of stolen property, it is still a criminal charge. With over 25 years of criminal investigation experience, our team of investigators are ready to work with you to find the fact-based evidence needed for your case or claim. Organized retail theft cases we work with include, but are not limited it: 

  • Theft By Coercion
  • Theft By Conversion
  • Theft By Deception
  • Theft By Taking

Dealership Auto Theft Investigations

Almost every vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking, making stolen vehicle tracking easy. However, retail crime rings are a group of professional thieves. Our licensed investigation team is here to help you get the answers you need.

Worse, ORC’s could have members working at your dealership, providing them a great advantage. 

When a car gets stolen from your lot, it is best to get a private investigator on the case to thoroughly gather fact-based evidence and findings to build your case.

Risk Assessment Services to Prevent and Identify Retail Crimes

Prevention and protection is essential nowadays as organized retail crime is on the rise. It is important to keep your business safe and protected from these thefts.

CGA Solutions offers risk assessment services to identify key weak points in your business system or process that can make your company vulnerable to an organized crime hit. 

From your surveillance system to the employees within your company, we can offer a tailored risk assessment to best serve you and your crime prevention goals.

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Stop theft crime before it wipes you out of thousands, or even millions, of dollars. Or, get a second opinion on an organized retail crime case that has affected your place of business. 

Our private investigators are ready to help, and are licensed to work in Georgia and South Carolina.For more information, contact CGA Solutions today for a free, confidential consultation.