Burke County Process Servers from Georgia Licensed Investigators

When you need legal documents delivered by a reliable party, you can count on us. With CGA Solutions as your trusted Burke County process servers, your legal documents will be delivered in a fast, professional, and personable manner. With over 20 years of service of process experience, our Georgia licensed team can get your important papers to the rightful recipient with little to no downtime. To get started, fill out the form below.

What Is a Service of Process?

When a person gets sued or is requested by the courts to make an appearance, they will receive legal documents that notifies them of the legal action taken against them. This includes both the court of law and also administrative court. However, the documents must be delivered by a person who is not involved in the case. This is why having a trusted third party person who is well-versed in the process server proceedings can be very beneficial.

Burke County Process Server Document Delivery

We deliver legal documents on behalf of the courts, law firms, and law enforcement. In addition to delivering the documents, a process server also informs the person of their constitutional rights under the fifth and 14th amendments. 

The legal documents that we deliver include, but are not limited to:

  • Divorce Papers
  • Notices
  • Protective Orders/ Restraining Orders
  • Subpoenas 
  • Summons & Complaints
  • Warrants
  • Writs

Don’t Know Where the Person Is? We Can Find Them

One of the biggest challenges with serving a person is when they cannot be found. Whether the person has moved to another state or is simply trying to avoid being served, our licensed investigators can help track down and serve the person with the legal documents. 

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Located in Augusta, GA, we are available to deliver your legal documents in Burke County in a fast and professional manner. With over 20 years of service of process experience, you can rest assured knowing your documents are in the best hands with us. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, contact our investigation firm today!