Surveillance and Intelligence Investigative Services

We offer a wide array of specialized support to our clients by providing clear, concise information for their specific situation through tested, trained, experienced investigators, analysts and operators.

Our assets, both human and technical, allow us to excel in the areas of OSINT, SOCMINT and HUMINT.

Our assets can be used in a variety of situations and locations. The situations can range from spousal infidelity, fraud, monitoring daily business operations, uncovering NDA violations, insertions into and monitoring of political rallies, public gatherings, labor disputes, and mobs related to civil unrest. 

Our service locations are the entire continental USA, its territories, and the Caribbean nations. From a technical perspective, when human surveillance in not an option, we have the ability to develop and deploy custom operational surveillance solutions. 

Because of our enhanced digital, technical and networking capabilities, many times, we can deploy remote surveillance equipment that allows for monitoring from a safe and secure location.

Our human and technical surveillance and intelligence capabilities give our clients real time actionable information.

  • Human Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Deep Web Research
  • Custom Surveillance Solutions
  • Undercover Operations
  • GPS Tracking Operations (Business and Personal Use)
  • Drone and UAV Services
  • Electronic Surveillance Counter Measures
  • Industrial Espionage Mitigation
  • Operational Due Diligence and Site Surveys (Foreign and Domestic)