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We Are Excited to Announce What’s Coming Soon to Chilton Gibbs & Associates

For over 20 years, we have provided businesses, legal entities, and individuals throughout Georgia and South Carolina reliable and investigative services and information. Our mission has been to provide fair, fact-based, and proactive work to best serve our clients. 

That is why we are expanding our services and locations to best serve our clients and others. In the next few months, you will be seeing a lot of changes happening. 


Here is what’s coming to Chilton Gibbs & Associates:


New Office Coming to Fort Mill, SC

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a South Carolina office located in Fort Mill, SC. With this expansion, we will be able to better serve our South Carolina clients as well as expand our current services. The South Carolina location will be our third office and will be opening in June. 


Firearm Training Services

firearm training

Firearm training and safety is crucial – for both security personnel and individuals. In our training, we focus on building the person’s confidence in how they carry a firearm and how they can use it in defense of themselves and others. This is a great opportunity for first-time gun owners as well as shooters of all skill levels. Our firearm training is focused on being Smart, Logical and Practical, which means you will be prepared to defend yourself or others in real-life situations and environments.

Courses will begin in June and are open to businesses and individuals in Georgia and South Carolina. They will be held in Augusta, GA and Monroe, GA.


Private Investigator and Security Officer Training

Additionally, we are licensed to provide firearm training to Georgia Private Investigators and Security Officers. This training can be used to acquire your initial firearms certification for licensing, and annual recertification. The Security Officer training CEUs range from basic to advance firearms, improving situational awareness, perimeter security, access controls, counter surveillance, and to the proper gear and training needed to correctly react to the situation, we are trained and experienced to help improve your security personnel skills. 

Private Investigators can also earn CEUs in basic to advance firearms, basic to advanced surveillance, identifying  operational intelligence, proper report writing, civil & criminal investigative processes, and ethics & Homeland Security requirements.    


Medical Training Services

One skill set that is often overlooked in self-defense and security training is being able to provide first aid and conduct life-saving medical assistance for those wounded. Like our other training classes, this is reality-based training so that you have the proper training and understand how to administer first aid, when it’s necessary, and having an overall better perspective of what to do in situations where medical help is most essential. 


Personal Safety and Security Consulting

We have always provided VIP or Executive Protection but now we are bring our expertise to the public at large.  With society

security camerasbeing unsettled and the potential for spontaneous violence there is a need now more than ever for you to be able to protect yourself and family. We can provide a complete personal overview of your life at large and make recommendation and provide solutions for areas that may be lacking security.

Whether in your home, vehicle or exposed public places our team of qualified experts can increase not only your situational awareness but also you immediate everyday circle of awareness.  If you’re concerned about your vulnerabilities, let us help you today.  


And Finally, We Are Rebranding to CGA Solutions 

Because we are expanding our services to train and better serve the public, we decided to rebrand our business to better reflect the wider array of services that we will be providing. You will likely be seeing these changes happen over the course of the next few months. We will still be the same company, but we will soon be under a new name and provide additional services to best help our current and future clients.