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At CGA Solutions, our private investigators work with insurance companies in death claim investigations to determine the legitimacy of the claim. We focus on the facts and evidence to determine whether a claim is valid and prevent any fraudulent claims. Providing insurance investigation services in Georgia and South Carolina, as well as across the US and abroad, our experienced investigators are here to help you. 

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Experienced Insurance Claims & Death Investigators

What makes our investigation firm unique is that we have members of our team that are trained and well-versed in both insurance claims investigations and death investigations. This means we are able to not only investigate an individual’s insurance claim but we can also work with you to determine the legitimacy of the death claim. 

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When to Speak to a Death Claims Investigator 

There are several reasons insurance companies contact us to investigate an insurance claim. For one, the claimant lacks evidence to support their insurance claim. However, several red flags of fraud are not uncovered until a thorough investigation. It is best to speak to a death claims investigator if:

  • There is a lack of evidence supporting their claim
  • There is a large policy payout
  • The death is a suspicious death case 


Missing Persons Claims Investigation Services

There are some instances where a policyholder is deemed missing and is presumed to be dead, but there is no actual evidence. This can make a death insurance payout more difficult to determine legitimate or fraudulent. No matter where in the world a person is missing or could be located, our trained investigators are prepared to get the answers you need for the claim. 

More About Our Missing Persons Claims Investigation Services

More About Our Missing Persons Investigation Services


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With over 25 years of experience, our team of investigators are ready to help you. We are licensed in Georgia and South Carolina, but we provide death claim investigations throughout the US and worldwide. For more information, contact our investigation firm today. 

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