Missing Person Claims Investigation Firm for Domestic & Abroad Insurance Cases

When a loved one goes missing, especially those who are insured, there are several unanswered questions and fears that may be going through everyone’s mind. At CGA Solutions, our licensed and experienced private investigators are dedicated to finding the answers you need for a better peace of mind and provide the insurance companies the info they need for your claims. 

We Handle Domestic and Abroad Missing Person Insurance Claims

For insurance claims, families must have had a thorough search for the missing person. No matter where in the world a person goes missing or needs to be located, our trained investigators are prepared to get the answers you need regarding a missing person. Using the latest technology, training, and techniques, we exhaust every resource possible to recover those who have gone missing. 

As experienced deathperson locate, and insurance investigators, CGA Solutions is fully equipped to cover all the bases needed for your missing person insurance claim. So whether you are an insurance agent, law enforcement, or an individual with a loved one missing, we focus on recovering any evidence and answers regarding whether a person is alive or dead and the next steps regarding your insurance claim.

High Value Missing Persons Claims

A child or family member being held for ransom can be a very complicated and stressful situation. In particular, if the individual is covered by kidnap and ransom insurance, we can help facilitate the transaction as well as provide everything needed to file a claim. Most importantly, our team of experts are trained and prepared to find the person of interest in the safest manner possible and release them from their captors.

Don’t Waste Any More Time, Speak to an Investigator Today

Our goal is to locate your loved one in a fast and professional manner and assist with the insurance claims that may arise in the situation. Time is at a limit, so do not wait for another day to go by. If you believe a loved one is endangered, call our investigation firm today at 866-217-8581. We work with missing persons both domestic and abroad.