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Follow These Basic Firearm Safety Tips to Be a Smart, Responsible Gun Owner

So you just bought your first firearm – now what? When it comes to firearm safety, acting smart and safely are the two keys. While there are several aspects to being a responsible gun owner, CGA Solutions has provided the top 6 essential firearm safety tips that will help you get started in being smart and reliable with your new firearm. 


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Invest in a Durable Gun Safe 

Firearm safety goes beyond knowing how to handle and shoot your gun – keeping it securely stored in your home is just as important. This is to prevent unauthorized use of your weapon and to keep it away from children. 


Always Treat All Guns Like They Are Loaded

Never assume the gun is unloaded. When it comes to gun safety, it is always best to assume that the gun is loaded. This is especially true when pointing your firearm. NEVER point your gun at someone as a joke or prank. No exceptions. It does not matter if the gun is unloaded or the safety is on.

As a gun owner, you must be responsible and show maturity when handling your firearm. 


Keep Your Finger OFF the Trigger Until You Are Ready to Shoot

A Negligent Discharge of any firearm is scary and can also be life-threatening. Until you are ready to shoot your target, keep your finger off the trigger. A real-life example is if you are out hunting in a group, you hold your finger on the trigger for a quick shot at a rabbit.

But something startles you, and suddenly your finger pulls the trigger without a clear identification of your target and backstop. Therefore, creating a dangerous and even fatal situation for everyone in your hunting group – including yourself.


Know Your Target and Backstop

As we mentioned earlier, you cannot blindly shoot. Uncertain shooting is a gamble that you cannot risk. Before you shoot, you have a clear target and that the area behind your target (the backstop) is safe. In other words, if you miss the target, no one will be harmed. In reality, most self-defense engagements are going to occur within 9 feet (3 yards).

So while the perpetrator might be close, be sure that the backstop is clear to aim your firearm at the target. 

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Real Life Firearms Are Not Like Hollywood or Video Games

As we stated earlier, owning and using a firearm requires maturity and responsibility. Imitating how the actors and actresses use firearms on TV and in movies is not realistic for the everyday citizen.  More often than not, they can be seen NOT using proper firearm handling. Additionally, shooting a gun in a video game is much different from how it is in real life…there is no reset. 

Using a firearm has consequences. Behind every bullet is an attorney, and behind every attorney is a jury. In reality, the legal and moral aspect of using – and even owning a firearm – has consequences. We live in a time when we have to defend ourselves for defending ourselves. 


Want to Learn More? We’re Offering Firearm Safety Training in Georgia

We offer gun training courses in Monroe, GA, and Augusta, GA. In addition, our firearm training courses are open to anyone throughout the southeast who wants to improve their current firearm skills or learn how to be a responsible gun owner. 

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