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What Are Bodyguards / Executive Protection Agents and What Do They Do?

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When you picture a bodyguard, most imagine a tall, bodybuilder type with a suit and dark sunglasses. This is not always the case. In fact, we do not even like the term “bodyguard” but rather executive protection. So when you think of a bodyguard, you are actually thinking of a person providing executive protection services. 

So what does a bodyguard / executive protection agent do? Let us break down some of the responsibilities that come with the title that some may not know.


Escorting Individuals and Groups to Their Location

Whether it’s to a show-stopping event or traveling abroad to an unfamiliar city, an executive protection agent can help escort you and/or your group to and from your destinations. Big crowds and/or being in an unknown area can be highly stressful, which is where executive protection can help relieve your concerns and protect you from the worst.


Handle Missing Persons Cases

Abductions occur everywhere in the world – both young and old. In many cases, a child or family member is kidnapped and held for ransom, bringing stress and uncertainty to their loved ones. Executive protection services not only minimize the risk of abductions but can also help recover an individual that has been abducted.

CGA Solutions provides missing persons claims services and rescue missions to protect and recover those who are taken for ransom – both domestically and across the world. 


Assess and Prevent Threats Through Surveillance 

A threat to a person’s life can become dangerous or even fatal in the blink of an eye, which is why it’s important to have a second pair of eyes actively monitoring the scene to ensure your safety. This treatment is not just for celebrities. Anyone can hire a bodyguard or receive protection through executive protection.

Even stalking victims may need executive protection if they are feeling unsafe or are worried their friends or family may be harmed. Again, executive protection / bodyguards are not just for celebrities and the elite. Anyone can hire an agent in order to feel safe.  

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An Executive Protection Agent May Take Action if Needed

Suspicious behavior comes in several different forms. And oftentimes, you may only have seconds to react. In the threat of danger people may fight, flight, or freeze, not giving them enough time to think their actions all the way through. An executive protection agent is trained in combat and defensive training to protect their clients from immediate harm. 


CGA Solutions Provides VIP/ Executive Protection Services

Our bodyguards/ VIP protection team are licensed investigators equipped with the latest technology and training. For over 20 years we have kept organizations and individuals safe. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call the firm of CGA Solutions today.